Protection from Bid to Conversion, against invalid traffic sources across all platforms.

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Our complex algorithm adds a security layer which ensures every ad delivery on display, mobile & video to be seen by real people & not bots. The moment our algorithm detects and fraudulent activity, it alerts you on timely manner. To further strengthen our bot detection techniques we analyze data provided by reputed tools like Moat, Pixalate & FraudLogix.

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Programmatic (RTB)

Protection against Inconsistent browser sessions, Forged user agents, Geo mismatches & Proxy usage etc at every bid level.

Affiliate Fraud Detection

Detect Fraudulent Leads, Acquisitions & installs provided by affiliates.

Click Fraud Detection

Detects the sources of fraud clicks by data centers & click farms.

Video Fraud Detection

Identifies visibility of video ads & alerts on non-visible/hidden video ads.

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How It Works


Our system monitors every impression and click on ads. It collects the data to gauge the quality of the traffic


Our complex algorithm detects the bots & known fraudsters.


Once a fraudulent activity is detected it alerts the ad delivery system about fraudster.

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